Jordans Burial Ground

Members and Attenders of meetings that are part of Chilterns Area Meeting: Did you know that we have access to a beautiful Quaker burial ground in the area?

Jordans Quaker Burial Ground is adjacent to the historic Jordans Meeting House, where William Penn and his family are buried. The burial ground was designed in the early 20th century by the Quaker architect Hubert Lidbetter (who also designed Friends’ House and other meeting houses), its graves are arranged in a circle, which is meant to represent a Quaker meeting. It is a beautiful, serene place for Quakers to be buried or have their ashes scattered. And it is free to all members (Attenders pay just a small fee) of London West, North West London, and Chilterns Area Meetings.

For more details, see or contact the Advising Friend Janet May-Bowles at [email protected] or on 01753 862 428.

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