Our Worship

Quaker meetings for worship can be held anywhere, at any time. A meeting for worship usually lasts for an hour.

We first gather together in silence to quiet our minds – we don't have set hymns, prayers or sermons.

In the stillness we open our hearts and lives to new insights and guidance. This is what we mean by worship. Sometimes we are moved to share what we discover with those present. We call this "ministry". We listen to what everyone has to say to find its meaning for us. Anyone can give ministry, including visitors.

Who runs the meeting for worship?

Anyone can contribute to a Quaker meeting for worship – there is no leader. We do have people with a responsibility to encourage and nurture ministry, but we don't believe that makes them more important. We call these people "elders".

Where do you sit?

You can sit anywhere you want. No seats are special or reserved. Chairs or benches are usually arranged in a circle or a square. This helps us connect with each another and reminds us that we are worshipping as equals. The meeting starts as soon as the first person enters the room.

How does the meeting end?

Meeting for worship finishes when two Quakers shake hands. The rest of the meeting joins in by shaking hands with those around them. Someone may then share news and information. After the meeting has finished, please approach someone if you want to ask questions about the meeting or anything else about Quakers.