Why Conflict? Why Violence


A series of FREE public events looking into the causes of violence and how we can respond constructively to its challenges.

9th February, 2nd & 16th March 2019

Saturdays, 6.0 for 6:15pm – 9:45pm

Drake Hall, Amersham Community Centre, Chiltern Avenue, Amersham on the Hill.


Booking not essential, but appreciated through Eventbrite. (See links under individual events)

Free Admission, but donations welcome.

See details below.

Saturday 9th February

“Lifting the lid on the origins of violence”

3 presentations by experts, with questions to panel

  • Dr Jessamine Chiappella, Educational Psychologist: “Workings of the brain and early signs of violent behaviour in children.”
  • Dr Ciarán O’Keeffe, Forensic Psychologist:     “Causes of youth vulnerability to using, or suffering from, violence.”
  • Martin Wilkinson, The Equality Trust: “The structural violence in how society is organised” (Based on research in “The Spirit Level” and “The Inner Level”).

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Saturday 2nd March

Types of violence in our lives and society

3 seminar/discussions guided by experienced professionals:

  • “Violence in the home:  towards women and children”. Speaker from Wycombe Women’s Aid.
  • “Youth violence on the street and in the school” . Two expert practitioners in Youth work and Youth justice.
  • Political violence: individual human rights, and national security. Wisam Elhamoui, Director of We Exist (Amnesty). Religious violence: Khalil Ahmed.

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Saturday 16th March

“Alternatives to, and prevention of, violence”

Choose 2 of these one-hour seminar/workshops introducing what positively can be done.

  • Alternatives to Violence Programme with AVP two trainers.
  • Prison reform and rehabilitation led by an ex-Prison Governor and Reformer.
  • Nonviolent change: “Turning the Tide”, an approach to protesting for change.
  • Peer mediation in schools led by a teacher/practitioner.
  • Mindfulness by a trainer and parent.
  • Becoming a peacemaker
  • Resisting and preventing political and religious oppression by Amnesty

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