Storytelling on Amersham Heritage Sunday

Our storyteller had a wonderful time on Heritage Sunday, sharing our Quaker stories with visiting adults and children.

Local stories ranged from:

  • William Penn’s courtship of his young wife, ‘Sweet Guli Springett’ at Bury Farm
  • the connections between Amersham Quakers and their Lollard antecedants
  • the sad story of the disrupted funeral of Edward Perrot (who gave Amersham Quakers their beautiful meadow)

While those from further afield included

  • Mary Fisher and her epic voyage to speak to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
  • Chocolate, Boots and Banks – what’s the Quaker connection?
  • Lewis Fry Richardson, the father of modern weather forecasting

Our visitors also asked lots of questions about modern Quakers (we don’t all dress like our storyteller!) as well as sampling the delicious cakes we had on offer.

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